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Cape Verde Photos

Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde

Windmills on the way from
São Pedro Airport to Mindelo

Mindelo (São Vicente island)

Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde Mindelo Fishmarket

Mindelo (São Vicente island)

Fresh fish sold on Mindelo's wharf

Cabo Verde Photos Cabo Verde Photos

Harbour of Mindelo

Windsurfing in the bay of São Pedro

St. Lucia, Cabo Verde Photos Waveriding Cabo Verde

St. Luzia

St. Luzia. Waveriding

Wave Riding Cabo Verde Cape Verde Windsurfing

Big jump. Windsurfing in front of
St. Luzia island


Cabo Verde Photos Itoma

Desert landscapes of the "Green" Cape

Itoma - windsurfers' catamaran

Dolphin, Cabo Verde Sao Pedro, Cabo Verde

Dolphin in the ocean

São Pedro

Cabo Verde, Mindelo Cape Verde, Mindelo

Mindelo, central square

A nice house in Mindelo

St. Lucia, Cabo Verde Yacht in Mindelo

Landscape of St. Luzia

A yacht in Mindelo's harbour

Cabo Verde Waves Cape Verde Sunset


Sunset. St. Luzia

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