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many thanks to Fernandes for this report!

I have been in Sal in July, obviously not the windy and wavy season. However i have a few remarks. It is definitely not a place for begginners or intermediates, you need to be confortable with waves and specially the shorebreak which is a major problem even for pro, it is a material killer at Santa Maria and Ponta Preta. Less at Ponta Leme and Ponta Sino. Outside the season there is few wind even for kiting.

I was amazed to see that the east coast, which has a lot of potential, specially at shark bay and Baia Parda (close to the ship wreck next to the old salt factory), but unfortunately i whitnessed that sharks live also there. People say they are harmless but they were quite a lot, at least they were 10 in a group with the biggest reaching 2,00 m easy, with big fins sticking out of the water. The place will continue deserted for sure for a long time.

The spots on the west coast i thought some of them out of the question for a normal windsurfer. Ali Baba, Fontona have no beach has starting point, but they are world class wave spots. Support of jetski or boat is needed for safety. In terms of rentals, the island has quite some windsurf/kite centers. The windsurf material is old and heavy at all centers. It is advisable to bring your own material for your own confort. The conditions are already challenging and if you put on top sailing with the wrong gear, you are done. They should use newer material, specially boards, sails and booms. I windsurfed with a boom, my God, i was praying for it to stay closed in the mast, and then with off-shore conditions, it is irresponsible.

I thought the island of Sal was too expensive for what it offers, the fever of making money has arrived there. 4 Cape verde T-shirts cost you nothing less than 100 euros. A trip around the Island 40-70 euros, for a 60 km ride. There are very few restaurants and bars, booking the all inclusive is still your best option. In Espargos, the capital of Sal Island, you will face extreme poverty like i never saw, very sad to see the contrast be! tween the resorts and the local living conditions. Sal Island risks within very few time the the windsurf spots like Ponta Preta will die. Construction in the island is a VERY serious threat.

Ponta Preta is already in line for massive building construction. Good Luck. I hope Sal starts looking to quality rather than quantity or it will be spoiled in no time. Diving is astonishing, it is one of the 7 wonders! In Boavista, i saw a lot of potential, still virgin!