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Cape Verde: Sal

Sal map

Sal is one of the islands of the Barlavento group. An international airport makes Sal the most visited island and the major gateway to the Cape Verde. Sal takes its name from now inactive salt mines of Pedro Lume. The landscape of Sal is not very diverse; it is the flattest island of Cape Verde. But the abundance of extensive beaches and the guaranteed sun has turned Sal into a major tourist destination. The intensively developing island offers a varied range of accommodation: from B&B to all inclusive resorts. The town of Espargos is the administrative centre of Sal. Santa Maria, located 18 km south of the airport, is the most developed tourist resort, offering accommodations, bars and restaurants.

Reports & reviews

I have been in Sal in July, obviously not the windy and wavy season. However i have a few remarks. It is definitely not a place for begginners or intermediates, you need to be confortable with waves and specially the shorebreak which is a major problem even for pro, it is a material killer at Santa Maria and Ponta Preta...