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Windsurfing & Kitesurfing Spots of Sal

Ponta Preta

Sal Windsurfing

Ponta Preta is the most famous windsurfing spot on Cabo Verde, and, probably, one of the best wave spots in the world. If oceanswell is coming from the west, the waves will build up at Ponta Preta higher than anywhere on the island. The wave can be pretty big (up to 5 meters), it starts breaking very far from the beach, rolls glassy on a few hundred meters and finishes as a big shorebreak on the white sand. Most of the time, the wind is side-offshore and coming from the right.

Don't try to windsurf at Ponta Preta, if you're not feeling confident in big waves combined with gusty wind! Any sailing mistake can leads you directly in the black rocks. Windsurfing at Ponta Preta is really for experienced riders only.

Santa Maria

Sal map

This spot is located at the East of the bay of Santa Maria. It is also possible to start from Albatros beach. The wind is sideshore to side-onshore. The wave is easy to ride, but far from the point, there's a risk of strong current, windless and big windswell.

Albatros (Ponta Leme)

Located close to Santa Maria, Albatros is also an easy spot. The water is mostly flat and wind is constant and coming from the left, sideshore or side-offshore. When the swell is south, it creates a long wave, safe and easy to ride. In case of any problem, zodiac rescue is possible.

Salinas (KiteBeach)

Salinas is the best kitesurfing spot of Sal. It is only 5 minutes driving from the center of Santa Maria. The spot is good for beginners: the beach is very long, there's no dangerous currents, the coral reef creates an easy wave for safe waveriding. The wind is sideshore to side onshore, coming from the left and steady most of the time.


Canoa is located close to Rife and inside Murdeira's bay. It is the easy and safe spot of Sal. Waves here are small and easy to surf, there is no difficult shorebreak. Wind is side/side off. Canoa is ideal for all riders.

Surfstations and Rentals on Sal

Angulo Cape Verde Windsurf Centre

Josh Angulo Windsurf Centre

The Angulo Windsurf Centre is located on the southeast end of Santa Maria Beach. The Centre is managed by Windsurfing World Champion Josh Angulo. It allows guests to go on whatever spot they want with the equipment of the center. Instruction is available, but most beaches are not suitable for beginners, so experience is recommended. The Angulo Windsurf Centre specializes in presenting all the latest Angulo and Ezzy products.

Contacts: Angulo Windsurf Centre

Club Mistral and Skyriders

The Club Mistral centre is situated also in Santa Maria, on the beach of the Hotel Belorizonte. Instruction is available. Equipment: Mistral and North Sails. The kitesurfing spot is 100 m directly downwind of the Mistral centre.

Contacts: Club Mistral