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Cape Verde: Useful Information For Travellers

Fast Facts

Capital: Praia
Population: 415294
Size: 4033
Time difference: CET -2 hours during winter and -3 hours during summer.


The official language on Cape Verde is Portuguese. But the staff working in the hotels is normally speaking English and French.

Getting there

Getting around

Currency & banking

Local currency is the Cape Verdean escudo (CVE).
Money can be changed at the hotels or exchange offices. The rate of exchange may be disadvantageous at the hotels. Thus, it is recommended to take US-$, Euro or US-$ traveller's checks with you. Hotels, shops and car rental agencies generally accept international credit cards.


Pleasantly warm throughout the year. Light cotton clothing and a jacket for cooler evenings are recommended.

Health regulations

If you travel from Europe there won't be any immunization required. If you travel from an infectious area you will have to show a vaccination-certificate against yellow fever (except children who are under one year of age). Nevertheless it is recommended to get a vaccination against hepatitis A, tetanus and diphtheria; with risk groups: hepatitis B and typhoid.


mobile network: D2 Vodafone


220 Volt, there is no adapter necessary for euro plugs.