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Windsurfing in Dahab: rentals & surfstations

Dahab is probably the most visited spot for windsurfing in Egypt. No wonder that there are so many surf stations here. Each of them offers latest models of equipment for rent. The following information is taken from surfstations' web sites, and may change as time goes by. If you notice any discrepancy, please inform us about it.

Harry Nass Surf Centers Dahab

There are two Harry Nass surf centers in Dahab. The first one is at the Coralia hotel (it's the leftmost if you look at the sea). It is not very convenient for those surfers who ride in the Speedy Zone and Wave Zone: you need to make some efforts to get out beyond the spit. But the shallow water of the lagoon is perfect for beginners.

The second Harry Nass center is located at the Iberotel Dahabeya. Both surf centers offers instruction, rescue service. If you ride in the wave zone, a walkietalkie will be given to you to call to the surf station in case of emergency.

Equipment: JP boards, Neilpryde sails. Both centers together features 650 rigs and 500 boards.

Contacts: Harry Nass Surf Centers

Club Mistral

At the Hilton hotel there is a Club Mistral surf station.

Equipment: Mistral boards, Gaastra sails (appr. 70 boards, 100 sails, size 3 - 8.8 m)

The new Club Mistral center was opened at the Le Meridien Resort (former Helnan), which is located 1 km outside the Lagoon. Riding conditions: chop, sideshore wind from the left.

Contacts: Club Mistral