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Windsurfing in Dahab

Dahab is situated in the wind chanel of the Gulf of Aqaba. Because of pressure differences between the hot dessert and the sea, the wind is blowing at almost 300 days a year at 4 Bft. and above, providing perfect conditions for windsurfing.

In summer when temperature raises up to 40 degress this spot turns into a high wind area(7 bft+) with constant wind all day and night. August and September are the best month for Dahab windsurfing, unless you're not afraid of the hot sun. In the morning the wind blows a little offshore but in the afternoon it turns to sideshore from the left.

Dahab Windsurfing Conditions

Dahab windsurfing has the advantage that it's a multizone spot. Here you can find three types of windsurfing in one place:

Windsurfing in Dahab, Zone 1

Zone 1 (Lagoon) is shallow enough and has a natural protection for surfers who are not sure enough in their skills. The water is flat. Good place to learn waterstart and jibes. Beginners find ideal learning and training conditions in the Zone 1 of the Dahab Lagoon. More advanced sailors can sail further out of the lagoon for bump-and-jump conditions and won't get into much trouble even in sick wind, because in the worst case, they'll be blown back to the beach.

Windsurfing in Dahab, Zone 2

Zone 2 is also called Speed Zone. The wind blows stronger here, creating ideal conditions for blasting. There might be good wind waves. If you get tired, you can easily reach the safe zone 1.

Windsurfing in Dahab, Zone 3

Further away from the spit there is the Wave Zone: a small reef with a good swell (2-4 meters). Safety of windsurfing is a key point for Dahab surf stations: when you rent a board, you'll be given a radio transmitter for riding in the wave zone. You can always get a help, if something goes wrong.