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Egypt: Useful Information For Travellers

Fast Facts

Capital: Cairo
Population: 76.117421
Size: 1.001450
Time difference: CET +1 hour.


The official language in Egypt is Arab. But most of the Egyptians working in the tourism industry can speak English.

Getting there

Hurghada International Airport, Sharm El Sheikh International Airport.

Getting around

Taxis are relatively cheap.

Currency & banking

Local currency is the Egyptian pound (LE), 1 Egyptian pound = 100 piaster. International credit cards are generally accepted. Cash dispensers only exist in the cities and tourist areas. Euro cheques will only be cashed (if at all) on presentation of the cheque card and the passport.


Hot and dry desert climate. During summer temperatures could rise up to more than 40 degrees, but combined with a pleasantly low atmospheric humidity. During winter the temperature still reaches about 23 degrees. Rain is rare. The nights, however, can be quite cool, especially when it is windy.

Health regulations

It is recommended to get a vaccination against hepatitis A and typhoid.


The dialling code for Egypt is 0020.


220-volt altering currency, 50 Hertz sometimes combined with fluctuation.