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The stunning beauty of Lake Garda

Author: Mika, (The Netherlands)

On the West side of the lake close to the kiteborder in the north, there is a little town called: Limone. This town is famous for it's Lemon tree gardens. The lemons grow there very well because it's the most sunny town of the lake.

The beaches are big if you compare them to the other lake villages. So there is plenty of space to prepare your kite. It is not aloud to start from the beach and there is usually no wind the beach.

But you can join the ride and get a lift from the local kiteschool: One morning you can kite at Capa Reamol, the best spot on the lake. When the north wind starts to dropped you can make a downwinder back to Limone. When you are close to the beach the motorboat will pick you up again.

In the afternoon you can join the boat who brings you to the middle of the lake. Here the wind is stabile.

In the high season, half june, July, August, half September you can kite in a boardshort. From April until half October the school is open and you can join the ride. In the low season the North/ morning wind is more reliable than the South/afternoon wind. In the high season you can expect 70% of the days to have North wind and 70% of the days to have South wind. Offcourse I'm only counting the days that are kiteable. On the no wind days you can go hiking, mountainbiking, waterskiing, wakeboarding, parapenting, shopping or chilling on the beach.

I would like to ad some photos but that's not possible.

Trust me the mountains are stunning!

Thanks to Mika for this report!

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