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Maldives, Male Atoll and the Lavijana Atoll

Author: Mika, (The Netherlands)

For 6 months I've been in the Maldives. For wavesurfing it's good around the main Island. For kitesurfing it can be good everywhere. There are some season changes. Before the big climate change the where really predictable. Thoose changes come with wind.

Now it is not really possible to say when there is wind. It depends on the atoll you are.

I spend most of my time on Kanuhura. From July until November. The best Months for kitesurfing where August and October. But I've kitesurfed everymonth, you can almost say every week.

You should go there for the nature and the peace. Go snorkling with the Manta rays, Go on a boat tour to see the Dolphins. go on a surf Trip to catch some waves.

And when you are lucky there is a good wind to ride with our kite. Just bring a surfboard and a big kite and when the wind comes you will have a great time. Riding in this warm water. You can see everything underneath you. Turttles and sometimes a little reefshark!

The people are very helpful and every island has it's own flat water lagoon. And some island a good surf.

Thanks to Mika for this report!

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