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Margarita, El Yaque

Isla Margarita (Margarita Island) is a mountainous tropical Caribbean island located off the north shore of Venezuela. Margarita is blessed with an average of over 320 days a year of sun, beautiful tropical beaches and eternal summer.

And, that is more important for windsurfers, Margarita island is blessed with strong steady winds. The reliability and strength of the wind is explained by Margarita's favorable geographical location and an airstream created between this island and the neighbouring isle.

The most popular windsurfing spot on the island is El Yaque. Windsurfing in El Yaque means a 3/4 mile of sandy beach and side-shore wind. Flat, waist deep water for the first 300 yards makes it ideal for first encounters with the elements, to learn how to beach- or waterstart or to work on your manoeuvres. More advanced sailors head out and after a stretch of rather choppy waters will find nice swells of up to 5 feet, that invite to jump on the way out and to surf the waves coming in.

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