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Windsurfing & Kitesurfing on Mauritius

It's possible to windsurf and kitesurf on Mauritius almost all year. Thanks to constant trade winds, Mauritius has about 300 windy days a year. Winter months on Mauritius (May to September) are the windiest, but even in the remaining months of the year, the trade winds still offer excellent conditions for windsurfing & kiting. Generally, the trade wind blows from east to southeast. From December to April, relatively heavy rain showers can be expected.

The temperatures during the Mauritian summer (November to March) fluctuate between 24°C in the morning and 31°C in the afternoon. During winter it is about 7 degrees less than during summer. The temperature of the water is about 25°C throughout the year, so a wetsuit is not necessary on Mauritius, but boots are recommended because of the reefs.

Le Morne, in the southern part of the island, is renowned as the best spot for windsurfing on Mauritius. Le Morne is located at the foot of Mauritius' famous Brabant Mountain, and offers great view and great conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Windsurfing equipment can be rented at Mistral Surf Station at Le Morne.

The lagoon is bordered by a reef, located about 600 metres offshore. The wind is always sideways. Inside the lagoon the water is flat to choppy and thus suitable for all levels - from beginners in windsurfing to advanced windsurfers. Here there is plenty of space to blast away and practice your gybes and water starts in safety conditions.

Beyond the lagoon, there are two wave spots on Mauritius: "Manawa" and "One-Eye". Manawa is an absolutely perfect spot for riding down waves, where experienced wave riders will have a lot of fun, and beginners in wave riding still can try. One-eye is a spot suitable for experts only.

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