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I visited Mauritius in May, and, although we were not very lucky with the wind, the vacation was just great. We went to Le Morne - it's not far from the airport, maybe 20-30 minutes by car. It's a very picturesque place - the green Brabant Mountain and turquoise ocean. Club Mistral surf station is located at the territory of Indian Resort. We stayed at the nearby Berjaya hotel, it's about 10 minutes walk. There is a public beach between the two hotels. Many kitesurfers used to launch from there.

The bay is protected by the reef, so the water is almost flat. It's very comfortable for practicing jibes and other moves, besides the water is shallow almost everywhere and you can easily do beach start. Great for learning! The guys who were better surfers than me went to the reef for wave riding. But unfortunately we were not lucky with the wind. We stayed at Le Morne for 8 days, and only 3 of them the wind was good enough. Regrettable misfortune! Plus, the day we were leaving the wind came up again, and the forecast for the next week was wonderful. I saw some guys changed their tickets for another date and stayed on Mauritius for some days more to catch the wind! But my vacation came to the end and I had to come backů

Nevertheless, even the windless days on Mauritius were nice. Berjaya hotel has a watersport center, which offers waterskiing and wake (free for hotel residents). So, I had a chance to improve my skills in waking. At Club Mistral they also offer surf boards for surfing on waves on the reef. Other activities included tennis and diving. So we had plenty of things to do while waiting the wind. Hope to come to Mauritius again and have more windy days.

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