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Windsurfing in Moulay Bouzerktoun

Moulay windsurfing

Located about 20 km north of Essaouira, Moulay Bouzerktoun is considered the best wave spot in Morocco. Here you'll find consistent sideshore wind from the right and waves which are just great for jumping and down the line riding. Rock platforms near the beach line cause some worries, so you should watch the tide. In best days the waves in Moulay can reach up to three metres, making suitable for confident wave sailors only.
Moulay Bouzerktoune is a home spot for morrocan windsurfer Boujmaa Guilloul, he calls it his favourite spot for windsurfing.

Moulay: Rentals & Surf Centers

Bouj Windsurf Adventure

bouj windsurf adventure

Bouj Windsurf Adventure is a small centre, offering surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing rental and lessons.

Equipment: Starboard boards, Severne sails (3.7 - 5.3) for windsurfing, Airush equipment for kitesurfing.

Contacts: Bouj Windsurf Adventure

Magic Fun Afrika

magic fun afrika

The Magic Fun surf station is located in one house with Cafe Resto. The station offers rentals and instruction, the cafe - great view of the spot.

Equipment: Fanatic boards (New Wave, Free Wave from 68 to 95 liters), Neilpryde sails (Combat and Alpha from 3.5 to 6.2). For kitesurfing, Fanatic and BEST.

Contacts: Magic Fun Afrika

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Moulay windsurfing