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Windsurfing & Kitesurfing in Prasonisi (Rhodes, Greece)


Prasonisi is the souhernmost point of Rhodes island. The small island is connected with the big Rhodes island with a sand spit. When the water is high, the spit is covered by water. Thus, depending on the season, it can be Prasonisi island or Prasonisi cape. This small geographical miracle we have here in Rhodes. By the way, Prasonisi means green island (though the name sounds strange for those who have seen this rocky islet).

Prasonisi is the place where two seas meet together, you can also hear. If you're staying on the beach, your face's towards Prasonisi island, the sea to the left from you is Mediteranean Sea, and one to the right from you is Aegean Sea. The flat water is on the left, the wave spot is on the right. The wind comes across the spit, so the direction is onshore for the wave side, and offshore (sideshore) for the flat. The current wind force and direction you can see following this link.

There are 3 surf stations in Prasonisi, they are all located on the flat side. If you want to go to the wave side you have to carry your equipment by yourself (300-500 m).

rhodes prasonisi map

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