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Tarifa, Wind Capital

Tarifa. The name of this small Spanish town sounds familiar to everyone interested in windsurfing. Tarifa is situated on the southernmost tip of Spain at the Straits of Gibraltar, where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean. Africa is so close, that African shore can be seen in clear days.

Thanks to the strong winds, Tarifa gained the reputation of the Wind Capital of Europe. The airstream effect of the Straits of Gibraltar gives the winds extra acceleration, so it blows here much more stronger than in other places, attracting crowds of windsurfers. Wide sand-bottom bay makes Tarifa a favourite travel destinations for kitesurfers as well.

Tarifa region has a typical Andalusian style: the "white villages", flamenco and sevillana dancing, the sherry bodegas and tapas bars. Moorish style is predominant with the medina (old centre) of Tarifa. There are plenty of cultural attractions in surroundings: Seville, Cadiz, Jerez are only a small list of the places where you can go for a day trip.

Modern Tarifa witnesses the strong influence of surf culture. Windsurfing is everywhere: surfshops along Tarifa streets, surfboards on every second car, banners, streaming with the Tarifa wind.

Tarifa, Spain map

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