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Surfing in Tarifa

Apart from being one of the best windsurfing destinations, Tarifa also offers good opportunities for "real" surfing. Some of the best surfing spots in Spain are located along Costa de la Luz, between Tarifa and Cadiz.

Winter is the best time for surfing in Tarifa: on a good day waves can reach height up to 2-3 m. Nevertheless, on some spots you can find good waves in summer as well. Surfing enthusiasts come to Tarifa and the surrounding areas during the whole year.
Here comes the list of the best surfing spots in Tarifa region:

El Palmar

El Palmar is the place, where you can find waves almost every day. The beach is faced westward and the waves can reach 3 m in height. The waves in El Palmar are really strong, but they are the most consistent waves on the coast.

There is a surf school, where you can rent a surf board or take a beginner class. El Palmar is the most popular place for surfing around Tarifa, so it can be rather crowded in weekends.

La Borrosa-Roche

This series of beaches offers sand seabed and waves flowing from left to right. The spot can be overcrowded in summer, but it is worth visit out of season.
Directions: Go westward after El Palmar and follow the signs until you reach Camping Roche.

El Balneario

With strong south or northwesterly waves, El Balneario provides very good conditions for surfing. But watch out the rocks on the beach and the strong Levante wind that can drag you away! El Balneario is located west of the port of Tarifa.

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