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Tarifa: Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

Tarifa Winds & Conditions

The constant winds have made Tarifa Europe's prime windsurfing destination. Thanks to the tunnel effect of the Straits of Gibraltar winds in Tarifa are strong and well channelled. Tarifa has two prevailing winds: Levante (which means Eastern) and Poniente (Western). Wind direction: Levante - sideshore from left; Poniente - sideshore from right.

Levante is a warm strong wind from the Mediterranean that blows day and night. It tends to blow steadily some days and ends abruptly. With Levante windsurfers in Tarifa have flat water, or choppy sea (if the wind gets stronger). If Levante is stronger than 8 Beauforts, good waves can be found in Caños de Meca.

Poniente blows from the Atlantic and form waves. Its tends to be weaker than Levante, and usually windsurfing with Poniente means big sails. Poniente blows strongest between 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., and can stop very suddenly.

Tarifa has a large sand bottom bay, that makes windsurfing and kitesurfing here rather safety and suitable even for beginners. The worst that can happen: you'll be carried away and will have to come back by foot, dragging your surf gear. Nevertheless, it is recommended to wear a helmet, especially in strong wind.

Tarifa Windsurfing: Wind Statistics

This graphic shows wind statistics in Tarifa: days with wind stronger than 4 Beauforts (%) during the season.

Tarifa Windsurfing: Wind Statistics

Tarifa Climate

Tarifa is situated in a zone with a warm and humid climate: mild winters and hot summers. In summer every day is warm and sunny. The strong winds can make the average temperature drop considerably. In Tarifa there is no the intense heat that central Spain suffers. However, the high level of humidity makes nights pretty chilly, so you will need warm clothes, especially if the wind blows strong.

In winter the weather in Tarifa can be very different. You can get stormy Atlantic weather with torrential rains, or, on the contrary, Tarifa can surprise you with sunshine and great temperatures. But even in sunny weather, nights are very cold due to high level of humidity.

Water temperature in Tarifa is rather cold all the year. Normally it does not exceed 20°C.

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