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Tarifa: Useful Information For Travellers

Getting there

Tarifa is located in the Cadiz province of Spain, on the most southern point of the European Continent. The closest to Tarifa international airport is Malaga airport. Driving from Malaga to Tarifa will take you about 1.5 hours.

Getting around

A rental car is recommended.


Tarifa is situated in a zone with a warm and humid climate: mild winters and hot summers. Even during hot summers, temperatures are always quite comfortable, and you never get the intense heat that central Spain suffers. However, the high level of humidity makes nights pretty chilly, so you will need warm clothes, especially if the wind blows strong.

During the winter it rains quite often but not usually for the length of the day. Winter days can be from warm weather to very rainy and very cold. Temperatures during cold and clear winter nights can drop to 0C in exceptional cases. However the average low will be about 10C.

Currency & banking

Euro. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. All important Spanish banks have a dependency in Tarifa. The biggest problem is the long waiting time spent for any transaction, all year round.

Tarifa, Spain map

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